Ten Ways to Improve Clinical Trial Recruitment

While clinical trials are imperative for testing, developing, and providing healthcare to patients, there remains a disconnect between patients and researchers working to find solutions to today’s healthcare dilemmas.


With the issue of Underrecruitment becoming a prevalent problem, the utilization of patient-centered practices to encourage participation in clinical trials is more important than ever before. This can lead to the detriment of many patients who are deprived of potentially life-changing medicines, procedures, therapies, and treatments.


We must learn to educate people about that which they do not understand. We must communicate with target populations. We must correlate patient outreach with patient concern and dissipate barriers that would limit participation.


This ebook will examine all these avenues- and more- to help you improve your recruitment efforts for clinical trials by remaining focused on the patient and their needs before, during, and after the trial ends.

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Tips for Educating, Reaching, and Communicating with Patients.

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