Pharmacy Locator®

Looking for an easier way to guide patients to the appropriate pharmacy? Stop losing your prescriptions and start winning patient satisfaction!


The Pharmacy Locator service helps patients and healthcare professionals identify the local pharmacies that carry (or will order) specified products so prescriptions can be filled. This decreases patient frustration and noncompliance while helping maintain safe use throughout the intended course of treatment.

The Pharmacy Locator Service helps patients in 3 easy steps. First, the healthcare provider will give the patient a Pharmacy Locator sticky note with their prescription. Second, once the patient calls us a live Pharmacy Locator specialist will search for a local pharmacy with Product in stock. Last, but not least, the Pharmacy Locator specialist will call the patient back and provide the location of the nearest pharmacy able to fill the prescription, all within one hour!

Pharmacy Locator is especially effective for new product launches, controlled substances, supply constraints and voluntary market withdrawals. Miscommunication, office callbacks and brand switching are greatly reduced by providing information to patients and by helping to ease the burden of finding a pharmacy.

Whether it’s the first script or a refill, Pharmacy Locator will make it easier for patients to get the prescription they need while freeing up your team to further increase your level of service. The benefits don’t stop there:

Keep patients on intended course of treatment

Increase patient support and satisfaction

Decrease patient prescription abandonment

Alleviate patient frustration in prescription location

Free up your team by minimizing call backs

Pharmacy Locator becomes even more powerful when integrated with Mobile Health Library (MHL) apps.

PMobile Health Library (MHL) apps can include video instructions, simplified access to important safety information, podcasts, PDF documents, mobile cards for patient savings and discounts, built-in dosing reminders, direct connection to customer service centers and websites, and direct-to-app real-time updates and alerts.

The benefits of Pharmacy Locator are countless and our expert team can provide insights on how you can utilize the service to your specific situation whether your a healthcare professional looking to increase patient support or a pharmaceutical company tired of losing prescriptions!

Value Added Benefits Include:

Compliance and safe use

Ease of implementation

Office staff support

RX fulfillment assurance

Increased market share

Enhanced brand loyalty

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