Pharmacy Locator can be part of the solution


PharmaCentra service may help identify prescription drug abuse

Atlanta, GA — March 14, 2016

There is an important national focus on the crisis of heroin addiction, much of which originates with the overuse of popularly prescribed painkillers. PharmaCentra, LLC is committed to the battle against this widespread improper use of opiods and other prescription drugs, and its Pharmacy Locator service is well-positioned to help. Implemented by pharmaceutical companies and health insurance providers, PharmaCentra’s Pharmacy Locator coordinates and monitors the interaction of physicians, patients and pharmacies throughout the process of medications’ prescription, purchase and usage.

PharmaCentra was a sponsor of CBI’s recent Abuse-Deterrent Formulations Summit March 9–10 in Alexandria, Virginia. Goals of the Summit included exploring ways to achieve Abuse Deterrent Formulations (ADF) labeling, reduce abuse potential and integrate technologies to support deterrence. The PharmaCentra delegation was led by Dan Berman, CEO, and Rica Askew, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and also included representatives from the Mobile Health Library™. Mobile Health LibraryTM (MHL) is a mobile app platform built for the unique education, service, and support needs of health-related customers, including patients,vhealth professionals, caregivers and consumers.

“Communication with all of the parties gives us a unique perspective, and we take this responsibility very seriously,” said Berman. Our Pharmacy Locator representatives can often spot the red flags of potential abuse at a stage where effective intervention can then be implemented.”

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Founded in 2003, PharmaCentra provides customizable marketing and communications programs for pharmaceutical and insurance providers to work more effectively with patients and healthcare providers. The company is staffed by dedicated professionals with unique pharmaceutical sales and marketing expertise. PharmaCentra’s program and service offerings include programs designed to improve compliance and persistence through patient education via telephonic intervention. Integrated initiatives allow clients to effectively communicate with physicians and patients and provide needed services. PharmaCentra serves as a strategic partner who delivers quality results while maintaining flexibility and accountability to clients’ evolving needs and changing market conditions.