Pharmacentra talks Clinical Trial Recruitment with Bernadette Tosti

Pharmacentra talks Clinical Trial Recruitment with Bernadette Tosti


Join PharmaCentra’s CEO, Dan Berman, in an insightful and engaging interview with Bernadette Tosti, the Chief Product Officer of ProofPilot. Bernadette Tosti brings a wealth of expertise and experience in both the healthcare industry and product development, making her a driving force behind ProofPilot’s innovative solutions.

Prior to her current role, Tosti served as an advisor for various health technology companies, providing invaluable insights and guidance. Her impressive background includes holding key leadership positions at reputable organizations such as Quest Diagnostics, where she played a pivotal role as the Executive Director, Information Ventures, Clinical Trials. During her tenure, she spearheaded the creation of a specialized data, technology, and services business line focused on clinical trials, revolutionizing how the company approached research and development.

Before her time at Quest Diagnostics, Tosti held the esteemed position of Vice President, Patient Experience, at Science 37, further honing her expertise in patient engagement and user-centric product development. Her contributions to Science 37 significantly impacted the way patient experiences were enhanced and integrated into various healthcare initiatives.

Notably, Tosti also served as the Global Head of Recruitment & Retention at IQVIA, a role that played a crucial part in ensuring the success of numerous clinical trials worldwide. Her dedication to optimizing patient recruitment and retention processes has positively impacted the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, facilitating the advancement of medical research and therapeutic innovations.

Throughout this captivating interview, Tosti shares her insights into the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, product development, and patient engagement. Her unique perspective sheds light on the challenges and opportunities in the industry, making this a must-watch for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Don’t miss this chance to gain invaluable knowledge from Bernadette Tosti, an industry leader with a remarkable track record of transforming healthcare through innovative solutions and patient-centric strategies. Stay tuned for the interview on PharmaCentra’s official channel, and get ready to be inspired by the vision and accomplishments of one of the industry’s brightest minds.

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