PharmaCentra and EagleForce fight Rx opioid fraud and abuse


New program helps facilitate medication provider regulation compliance

Americus, GA — April 12, 2017

PharmaCentra, LLC is partnering with EagleForce Associates, Inc. to implement The EagleForce Attestation Center for Program Integrity™. This new program offers real-time monitoring of pharmaceutical medications, including opioid prescriptions, to help government agencies save lives and resources by addressing the waste, fraud and abuse associated with the opioid epidemic.

The program is designed to also promote compliance with the Anti-Kickback Statute, the federal regulation that “prohibits the offering, solicitation or acceptance of any type of gift or remuneration in exchange for rewarding referrals for federal healthcare program business.” This effort represents a major step forward by all parties to help existing programs respond to the challenge of stemming the tide of this problem that has been so destructive to local communities.

The Attestation Center complements PharmaCentra’s mission to provide customizable marketing and communication programs for pharmaceutical providers while reinforcing the crucial battle against opioid abuse. The system is connected to virtually every retail pharmacy in the country, offering pharmacists and providers insight into a patient’s medication history and insurance benefits. Subscribers can accurately identify (in real time) patterns, links and anomalies among the parties involved in prescription medication use and insurance.

“We are proud to participate in The EagleForce Attestation Center,” says Dan Berman, PharmaCentra CEO. “The abuse, addiction and fraud statistics are staggering, and the stories of ruined and lost lives are heartbreaking. EagleForce’s proprietary universal eligibility and advanced analytics platform seamlessly integrates with our WellTouch® and Pharmacy Locator services. These PharmaCentra services responsibly support pharmaceutical providers (including major opioid manufacturers) and patients who have valid prescriptions by connecting them with pharmacies that stock the prescribed medications. As part of the solution, we can together help spot and mitigate the types of prescription fraud and abuse that have contributed to this national addiction crisis.”

More details about the prescription opioid epidemic are available at The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS):

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