Joe Matassino



Joe Matassino wrote his first program in 1979, in one of the earliest programming clubs in high school and was fortunate to be taught by the system administrators operating the computers for the school district.


Joe turned his hobby and passion for computers into a career that has spanned over 38 years, building and selling PC’s in the 80’s where he started his own company at 23, enterprise sales, sales engineering, network operations, channel management, marketing, graphic design, website content management, SEO, design, managed hosting, sales and sales support for sales automation, CRM, BI, Simulations Training, Call Center Software and Hardware, Cloud-Based solutions, virtualization, multimedia and a wide range of desktop solutions.


Joe spent many years selling call center solutions into various organizations and actually had Pharmacentra as a client over 20 years ago!


Joe studied electrical engineering at Mercer where he helped teach computers to his freshman class. He lives in Atlanta and has 4 children.



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