Advancing DEI in Healthcare: PharmaCentra’s Pharmacy Locator Solution Can Bridge the Gap in Medication Access

Advancing DEI in Healthcare: PharmaCentra’s Pharmacy Locator Solution Can Bridge the Gap in Medication Access

Access to medication is a fundamental human right, yet millions of Americans face barriers in obtaining the medications they need due to living in pharmacy deserts. These areas lack sufficient pharmacies, particularly in low-income neighborhoods and rural areas, making it challenging for patients to fill their prescriptions.

Prescription abandonment rates were at an all-time high in 2022, with 26% of patients reporting difficulty filling their prescriptions. This issue disproportionately affects underserved communities, where patients often have to travel long distances to access a pharmacy or face medication shortages.

Black, Hispanic, and low-income patients are more likely to live in pharmacy deserts, with 20% of Black Americans living in areas with inadequate pharmacy access, compared to 5% of White Americans. Lack of access to medication is a significant contributor to health disparities, with patients in underserved communities experiencing higher rates of chronic illnesses and worse health outcomes.

Of course, opening more pharmacies needs to be the ultimate goal to remedy the problem of pharmacy deserts. However, Pharmacy Locator is a solution that can bridge the gap in access to medications by helping patients find their prescribed medications at a nearby pharmacy through a personalized phone and online resource. This tool is particularly beneficial for patients living in pharmacy deserts who may struggle to locate a nearby pharmacy.

The Pharmacy Locator solution can also help physicians prescribe with greater confidence, particularly in underserved communities. One of the most significant challenges for both physicians and pharmaceutical brands is to minimize prescription abandonment, which is closely related to prescription availability. Beyond just the challenges of living in a pharmacy desert, during medication shortages or with new launch products, patients often have to make several calls to find a pharmacy that can fill their prescription in an acceptable timeframe. The Pharmacy Locator solution eliminates these problems, saving patients from frustration and ensuring their prescriptions are filled. With real-time pharmacy stocking verification, healthcare providers can prescribe the medications their patients need, knowing they will be readily available.

Patient satisfaction is a critical factor in healthcare, and PharmaCentra’s Pharmacy Locator can help increase overall patient satisfaction. The solution eliminates the hassle of driving or taking public transportation across town to fill a prescription only to find that the pharmacy is out of stock. The Pharmacy Locator process is straightforward; after a pharmaceutical brand works with PharmaCentra to establish the program, the patient requests a pharmacy search by dialing a specifically chosen phone number or going online. A representative from PharmaCentra does an intake of the prescription details. The PharmaCentra team then reaches out to pharmacies to verify the stock and calls, emails, or texts the patient back based on their preference within one hour. Once a pharmacy is selected by the patient, the PharmaCentra team follows up with the patient within 72 hours to confirm the medication was picked up.

Moreover, the Pharmacy Locator solution provides detailed analytics to pharmaceutical companies to monitor their market performance and adjust their strategy accordingly. The analytics give the pharmaceutical company visibility into stocking behaviors, detailed pharmacy responses, and patient comments they would not otherwise see. Sales reps and brand and regional managers can access actionable intelligence that allows them to follow up with pharmacies, identify challenges, and develop strategies to improve availability.

PharmaCentra’s Pharmacy Locator Service can play a crucial role in addressing the issue of pharmacy deserts and ensuring equitable access to medications for all patients, regardless of their location. By simplifying the prescription-filling process and increasing medication availability in underserved communities, the Pharmacy Locator Service can help to reduce health disparities and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare.

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